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European Night Crawlers are great in the water summer and winter.
Imagine, easy transport, no refrigeration and then they catch fish like crazy!

European Night Crawlers don't need to be refrigerated!
These worms can take temperatures between 40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Canadian night crawlers on the other hand must stay at 35 to 40 degrees or they die quickly.

European Night Crawlers are smaller!
Averaging 2 to 4" long you can bait a worm more easily than the Canadian night crawler at 6 to 8'' long. No more cutting big worms in pieces.

European Night Crawlers are tough!
We have used these ice fishing at 31°F for forty-five minutes and they are still full of life. In summer we have used them in waters at 69°F for one and a half hours.

These worms are lively and tough and will catch all kinds of fish from Bass to Walleye. They last a really long time under water on the hook. These worms will outlast any other while you are in the boat or on shore!

These can even be used for composting and make a nutritious meal for your reptiles.

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