Worm Wave Vermicomposting is the way to deliver nutrients to your garden plants. The make up of worm castings is rich in the nutrients your garden needs.


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Ordering from WormWave
Ordering your composting worms and tower kits is easy, secure and reliable. We make use of PayPal to ensure your security.

Composting worms from 1 to 5 pounds are $45.00 per pound.
Composting worms from 6 to 10 pounds are $37.00 per pound.

An additional cost would be applied for in home set up if requested.

Shipping to you...
We like to use Canada Post to ship your order.

We sell Composting Worms and European Bait Worms by the pound.
Give Steve a call or send an email to find out more!

3 Tray Worm Factory Tower
5 Tray Worm Factory Tower
If you choose not to use PayPal
Payment by cheque or money order should be made to:
Open Can of Worms
2510 County Rd 2 Johnstown On
K0G 1T1

or call us at 613-925-3103













Composting Worms
Composting Worms
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