Worm Wave Vermicomposting is the way to deliver nutrients to your garden plants. The make up of worm castings is rich in the nutrients your garden needs.



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Frequently asked questions...


How do I know if it's working?

Is there a smell?

Can the worms get out?

What about our cat?

What if we go away?



How do I know if it's working? Top

Your composter bin has all the qualities needed to house a productive vermiculture. If your worms are fed a proper amount of food and moisture is maintained you should have no problems.
Composting Worms eat about half their body weight every day so a pound of worms will eat about half a pound a day. Measuring the scraps to be composted on a kitchen scale would help you control feeding.

Is there a smell? Top

There should be no odour to speak of if you have a healthy colony. The most common reason for an odour is too much moisture related to over feeding.
Keep your worms in a comfortable temperature and rotate your feedings properly and you will see how it is easy to avoid any smell.

Can the worms get out? Top

Composting Worms don't really get around like Night Crawlers. We reccommend using Composting Worms for composting. The worms will not go exploring if you keep everything they need in the Worm Bin or Worm Factory® Composting System.

What about our cat?

Your pets should be trained to stay away from Worm Factory® Composting System and Worm Bins.

If you go away for a few days you don't have to worry about your worms. If you go away for a long period of time you would want to make arrangements to feed your worms.








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