Worm Wave Vermicomposting is the way to deliver nutrients to your garden plants. The make up of worm castings is rich in the nutrients your garden needs.


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The Hungry Bin
The hungry bin is a unique design. It creates an ideal living environment for compost worms. The worms convert organic waste into worm castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, which are both high-quality fertilizers. The liquid drains freely from the bin and into a tray placed below it. The tapered shape of the bin compresses the castings, encouraging the worms to move to the surface layer to access fresh food. Compressed castings are easier to handle and largely free of worms. It is a simple process to collect both the castings and liquid produced by the hungry bin.

This worm friendly habitat is about the same size as a recycle bin.

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A really big seller.

The harvesting of the castings is
simple, quick and easy!

This is the way to go for a family
of four or a couple of busy gardner's.

This is one of the best selling kits going.
The towers allows for a larger colony that eats
more and creates more castings.

You can choose a three or five tray tower and buy worms by the pound.

You will find this pays for itself in no time
by providing your garden and house plants the
richest nutrients going.

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And you can collect casting "tea" with the spigot and
feed all your valuable
plants around the house.
You have a choice of kits...